A KIND-hearted couple rushed to help an injured woman who was lying unconscious on a busy road last week.

Reece McMahon, 23, and his partner Cara, 19, saw a figure "sprawled" on the road near Mafeking Terrace in Neilston on Tuesday, November 14, at around 10.30pm.

The caring pair, who were driving at the time, decided to go and check out what was on the road.

However, once they swung back around, they realised it was a woman lying injured.

"I just dropped off one of my colleagues at the back of Neilston and then we were coming down past the Co-op when we saw this black figure lying sprawled across the road", Reece said.

"Initially, I thought it was bin bags but then my girlfriend said 'No, do a U-turn'.

"We did a U-turn and then drove slowly past, and we could see someone just completely unconscious on the road."

Glasgow Times:

The quick-thinking pair, from Barrhead, then jumped out of the motor to check on the woman.

The kind lad added: "We went over to check her, and we managed to tap her and get her semi-conscious.

"I think she had been out and fallen then hit her head on the curb and then maybe fallen onto the road, as she was just lying there.

"We sort of managed to get her kind of conscious but she obviously sustained head trauma and was bleeding down one side."

After making their discovery, the young couple rang 999 to seek urgent medical help, while they also went to get a nearby defibrillator.

The 23-year-old said: "Whilst I was on the phone, my partner kept asking her questions to keep her awake.

"After that, we then got lucky as one of the volunteer paramedic crews was passing by and they came out and started giving us a hand."

Glasgow Times:

The supermarket worker says they also put the woman on her side as she was "vomiting" and feared she may have choked.

"We then just waited until more blue lights came but we didn't get an update on her condition," Reece said.

The thoughtful young lad said he was initially in "sudden shock".

He added: "At first, I had worried she had been hit by a car or something like that, but it was just utter shock because you don't normally see people lying near the middle of the road.

"It was also kind of a relief as well that I hadn't actually hit her when I went by."

During the ordeal, he tried to flag down others in the area, however, he said no one was "interested".

Looking back on the incident now, Reece says what he and Cara did should be "standard" for anyone.

He added: "One of the volunteer paramedics said 'You might have saved a life tonight'.

"It's also kind of a relief because she could have been lying there all night with internal bleeding or whatnot, especially given the time of night in a small village.

"There was a high chance she might not have been found until the morning and by then the situation could have been a lot worse.

"It feels good I guess that I've helped someone but for me, that's just the bare minimum of what everyone should do."

Following the incident, a spokesperson for the Scottish Ambulance Service thanked the couple for their help.

They said: "We received a call on November 14 at 10.34pm to attend an incident on Mafeking Terrace in Neilston.

"One ambulance was dispatched to the scene and one female patient was transported to The Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

"Many thanks to the two members of the public who provided assistance and also the Scottish Ambulance Service Neilston & Uplawmoor First Responders who provided warmth and medical assistance to the patient and kept our Ambulance Control Centre updated whilst awaiting the ambulance to arrive.

"Alongside our vital network of volunteers across the country, the Neilston first responder groups give invaluable support to the Scottish Ambulance Service and their community throughout the year."