A thug fractured a man's collarbone in a Glasgow pub attack after an Old Firm game.

James Elliot, 41, pounced on Henry Gault, 60, at The Sheddens Inn in Glasgow's Shettleston on February 26, 2023.

Elliot pulled Mr Gault to the ground and dragged his victim out of the bar.

He went on to stamp on Mr Gault's head which made him lose consciousness and memory of the attack.

Elliot pleaded guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to an assault on Mr Gault's severe injury and danger of life.

The court was told that the pub showed the Celtic and Rangers League Cup final which the Hoops won 2-1.

Prosecutor Sean Docherty stated that the match initially passed without incident and patrons were in good spirits.

Elliot and Mr Gault were sat at the same table and engaged in conversation with each other.

It was noted that Elliot, of the city's Tollcross, became agitated due to his body language.

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Mr Docherty said: "Mr Gault stood up from his seat and put his jacket on then headed to the exit.

"Elliot seized Mr Gault and pulled him to the ground causing his face to make contact with the floor.

"He then dragged him out of the pub to the pavement.

"Elliot kicked him to the head in a stamping motion and during the assault, Mr Gault made no attempt to move."

Other witnesses reported that they believed Mr Gault to be unconscious.

Mr Gault later spoke to officers and claimed that he could not remember the attack.

Mr Docherty stated that Mr Gault suffered swelling to his head as well as a fractured collarbone.

Officers attended Elliot's home and arrested him meantime.

John McLaughlin, defending, told the court: "My client knows this is a serious charge and he has previously offended."

Sentence was deferred pending background reports until next month by Sheriff Brian Cameron who continued Elliot's bail.

He said: "Given the nature of the offence - stamping on someone's head - you will have to prepare for the possibility of a prison sentence."