A manufacturer of hotel fixtures and fittings has been awarded retrospective planning permission for machinery installed at a factory in Coatbridge, in order to resolve complaints raised by nearby residents.

The Scotsman Group submitted the application for its factory in Rosehall Industrial Estate. This building was formerly used by Tannoy but following a long period of disuse was taken over by the current occupants and has been in use since 2022.

The site was previously approved for the development of 60 houses but this plan is now unlikely to ever proceed.

The new equipment installed at the factory is a system for removing sawdust and shavings from machinery inside the building. The waste is collected in a hopper and air is also filtered through four external ducts.

Residents of Rose Gardens, 30 metres to the south, had been complaining of noise and dust emissions from the factory, with waste ending up in gardens and on vehicles. Environmental health inspectors confirmed noise levels were too high so The Scotsman Group began taking action to remedy the situation.

As part of the planning permission, a noise barrier must be installed and maintained at the factory. Further assessments will be carried out to ensure this is effective. To further protect residents, it is also a requirement for all ventilation systems to be isolated.

The application and its related conditions were unanimously approved by the council’s planning committee, in line with recommendations made by planning officers.