Police in Glasgow have issued a warning ahead the busy shopping period.

Officers on Facebook said they will be working with retailers, licensed premises, taxi operators, charities and Glasgow City Council to ensure safety during the festive period.

They warned the public that officers will be carrying out visits to licensed premises to reduce crime and will take appropriate action against alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour.

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Community inspector Jonathan Watters said: “With Christmas approaching the city centre is becoming busier.

"Together with Glasgow City Council, we are working to keep people safe and build stronger foundations for our communities which help deliver the shared outcomes.

"We are working closely with all partners to ensure shoppers and revellers enjoy a safe visit to the city centre.

"When you’re out Christmas shopping, look after your shopping bags and don’t leave them unattended. Ensure your bag is closed and your purse or wallet is not easily accessible when not being used.

"The party season is a great time but it's important to drink responsibly."