A family are hoping to ‘finally grieve’ the loss of their son, brother and uncle with a special memorial day this weekend.

For siblings John Paul, Dianne, Michelle, Declan, parents Mary and John and nieces and nephews Amy, Rebecca, Shannon, Ella, Jamie, Kenzie, Harley, Zack, Jacob, Kian and Kobi, Christopher Fitzpatrick was a man full of love and life.

After a 10-week battle with leukaemia, Christopher passed away at the age of 25, leaving his family with ‘day-to-day suffering’.

Glasgow Times:

Opening up about the loss, John Paul, 37, said: “Once Christopher got the diagnosis, he lasted just under 10 weeks.

“It’s been so hard, and there’s been all sorts of ups and downs for the family.

“We are all suffering day-to-day, and things will never be the same again.

“It’s especially hard for my mum because parents are supposed to go before their kids, not the other way around.

“But Christopher wouldn’t want us to not live our lives and we know that. He was studying law, he was a support worker, who always like to be there for people and help everyone.

“He lived life how you are supposed to, he enjoyed himself within his means, and he never missed a party or a chance to be with the family.

“I’m glad he lived that way, because all of what was to come was just around the corner.”

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To honour Christopher's’ memory five years after his death, the family will be hosting an afternoon of free face painting, food and beverages, table tennis games and a five-a-side football tournament.

The tournament will feature five teams and will pay homage to Celtic-daft Christopher’s love of the beautiful game.

The winners will take home the Fitz cup. 

Glasgow Times:

The special day will take place at the Easterhouse Sports Centre on Sunday, November 26 between 1pm and 5pm and will be for family and friends only.

Money raised from the day through the likes of raffles will go to a number of cancer charities across the country.

John Paul said: “Just after Chris passed away, Covid started and so the family was all separated and we couldn’t see each other. It felt like we couldn’t really grieve.

“Hopefully this day will allow us to finally grieve. It’s the first thing we’ve been able to do for Chris because of Covid too.

“Hopefully we can do it every year from now on.”

Glasgow Times:

The Fitzpatrick’s, who hail from Easterhouse, wanted to thank the Phoenix Community Centre and Easterhouse Sports Centre who opened the door for their special day and provided unwavering support.

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If you or someone you know is looking for support with leukaemia, click HERE