A dog is fighting for its life after swallowing rat poison at a Southside park.

The seriously injured pooch is thought to have ingested poison that was left out in Pollok Park.

The toxic pellets were allegedly discovered in the Nether Pollok Playing Field, but council officials warn there could be more elsewhere in the park.

A spokesman for the council said: "We are aware a dog has been seriously injured after eating rat poison left within the grounds of Pollok Country Park."

Glasgow Times:

A probe is underway to determine how the rat poison ended up in the public green space.

The council official added: “It is incredibly irresponsible to leave poison in this way as it can affect all types of animals indiscriminately and we are very concerned that more poison may have been left within the park.

“Dog walkers are urged to keep their pets under close control when in the park and remain vigilant to their pets investigating items on the ground.

“Any sightings of poison should be reported to us and we can ensure it is disposed of appropriately.”