A baffled man has found other people's Christmas gifts 'stuffed' into his Evri parcel.

The 24-year-old ordered a jacket from online retailer ASOS which was delivered to his home in Cumbernauld on Thursday, November 23.

Alarm bells were ringing when he received the package and noticed that it appeared to have been opened and then re-sealed.

Glasgow Times: The package as it arrived appeared to be opened and resealedThe package as it arrived appeared to be opened and resealed (Image: Supplied)

Upon opening the parcel, he was shocked to discover a collection of smaller parcels addressed to other customers as well as his own order.

He told the Glasgow Times: "They were all ripped open and shoved inside my package.

"I have gift cards, a bracelet, a wall decoration and a whole bunch of 'Happy Christmas' and 'Happy Birthday' messages."

Glasgow Times:

In images seen by the Glasgow Times, the smaller parcels look to have been torn and battered.

The gift cards read as being worth over £200 altogether and contain messages including 'Enjoy your gift', 'Happy Birthday' and 'Merry Christmas'. 

Glasgow Times:

Adding to the bizarre situation, the customer claims the other parcels have addresses that are nowhere near his home - with one being over 100 miles away.

He said: "They are addressed all over the place - Ayr, Glasgow, Largs, Campbeltown and Dumbarton.

"I just wanted my jacket, now I am £200 up in other people's M&S vouchers.

"Look at the messages, it's a shame.

"It looks like they have ripped open eight packages, dumped them into one package and resealed it."

Eager to have the gifts returned to their intended owners, the bewildered customer immediately contacted Evri to inform them of the situation. 

It is understood that Evri has since taken steps to resolve the incident which includes going to the customer's address to collect the items.

A spokesperson told the Glasgow Times: “We’re in touch with the customer and we’re looking into what’s happened."