A Glasgow Christmas market has finally opened after delay and confusion.

We previously reported that large crowds gathered outside Winterfest in George Square, which was supposed to open to the public at 4pm on Saturday. 

However, visitors were left disappointed when the fence remained erected and staff were seen inside still "laying carpets and moving stuff around" after this time.

Glasgow Times: However, the Glasgow Times can confirm that the event is fully open as of Sunday, November 26.

Images taken at the Winterfest show guests browsing market stalls selling gifts and sweet treats and visitors riding the chair-o-planes. 

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times: It comes after market-goers were left confused over apparent mixed messages relating to the opening time of the event.

Despite the event's Facebook page advertising Winterfest as being open on Saturday, an eyewitness told the Glasgow Times at the time: "It very much isn't open. There is a huge crowd at the entrance, waiting.

"They are still laying carpets and moving stuff around.

"It doesn't look like it's going to open any time soon."

The organiser, M&N Events, was previously contacted for comment.