A Renfrewshire hotel have taken a controversial decision and "banned" mince pies from their menus. 

The Glynhill Hotel & Spa in Renfrew will not serve mince pies at all this festive season after what it says has been years of low demand and high wastage.  

Those who visit the hotel over the festive period will instead be offered a host of other dessert options.

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Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times:

It will be the first time in the hotel's 53-year history that they will not serve the Christmas staple choice.

Glynhill Hotel & Spa chef, Willie Millar, said: “Every year, we buy them, we serve them, then with a very few exceptions we bin them – which feels like an awful waste.  

“Not very many people at all seem to like them, even less want them at the end of their meal, so it feels like a bit of a no-brainer to simply ban them this Christmas and focus on offering desserts and sweet treats which our customers do want. 

“We think we might be the first venue in Scotland to remove mince pies from their Christmas menus but it’s in line with customer feedback – and will also mean a reduction in wastage which can only be a good thing.  

“Bye bye mince pies. Gone … and forgotten!” 

Glasgow Times: