A Glasgow fashion brand is supporting men on a life-changing wellness retreat after the owner was helped by the same experience. 

Finnieston Clothing owner Ross Geddes decided to support others who might not have had the means to attend Mantra Menswork after taking part in the retreat helped his own personal growth. 

Amid his struggles three years ago, Ross discovered plant medicines, was diagnosed with ADHD and transformed his business into a social enterprise - which he says was brought on by the retreat.

Glasgow Times:


He said: "At that time, in my life, I had no idea of anything like this. The drive to my first retreat was like a funeral for my old self, but it was also the rebirth of a new, purpose-driven me.

"It allowed me to break free from the cycle of seeking validation from others and discover my true purpose.

"The retreat led to me changing Finnieston to be purpose-driven.

"It made me realise that the happiest times in my life have been when I've been able to help others - which is why I’m dedicating my life to that now.” 

Glasgow Times:

As well as offering men a safe space to heal, look after their mental health and discover what direction they want their lives to go in.

They are helped through coaching sessions, and founder David Millar has seen first-hand the impact they can have.  

He said: "Through coaching, courses and retreats we help men take ownership over their mental health and find more direction, purpose and lead authentically.

"Men leave feeling more confident and motivated and say they are more connected, clear and present. 

“The impact is not only profound but also tangible, I’ve seen the effects of my work improve lives across a number of areas: at work, at home and in the communities of the men who attend.”