Glasgow school pupils celebrated their rich ethnic diversity with a round of 'special' performances. 

Children at St Francis' Primary School, based in the Gorbals, performed songs, rhymes and dances in the school hall to celebrate the countries they or their parents are from including, Nigeria, China, Ukraine and Scotland.

Glasgow Times:

The performances, which saw some of the children in traditional dress, were part of the school's We're All Gorbals (WAG) project, which is all about inclusivity, celebrating diversity and highlighting the richness of the different cultures in the Gorbals. 

The pupils involved in the presentations hailed the day as nothing but 'special'.

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Dean Mohhamed, 9, said: "Today is special as people who come will learn a bit more about Kurdistan.

"My family had to leave (Kurdistan) because of the war. My mum’s side of the family moved and went to live in Iraq but they didn’t feel welcome and had stones thrown at them so they had to leave.

"My family came to Glasgow and we love it as the people are nice, there are no mean people and there is no war or conflict”

Glasgow Times:

Logan Pietrazwski, 11, said: "My family is Polish and I go there on holidays.

"Poland is a Christian country and they don’t really have any other religions there, which is different from Glasgow” 

Myra Gupte, 10, added: "Today is special as I get to represent India and tell people all about my country and what it is like to live there.

"I hope that people will like today and learn how unique India is."

Glasgow Times:

Dave Kelly, community development worker at St Francis' Primary, spoke about the importance of today's celebrations. 

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He said: "For me, WAG came about partly because of how I felt with the  warm welcome I received from parents, families and kids in the Gorbals.

"Over 50% of our pupils have English as an additional language and it struck me how harmonious St Francis is and how all cultures mix and play with each other. 

"Today is all about a cultural celebration and showcases many of the countries that are represented in the school.

"We are using diversity as a tool to create community cohesion through emphasising that wherever our journeys began, we all live in the same community and want the same things."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Geraldine Fenech, English as an additional language teacher, added: "There are 131 languages in Glasgow schools and in St Francis' Primary, we have 58 different languages spoken.

"26% of school pupils in Glasgow are bilingual learners and in our school around 60% are bilingual learners.

"For me, WAG represents the different cultures within the school as we have children from different continents."

Glasgow Times:

New Gorbals Housing Association has been supporting the project with funding, which was used to create a multi-cultural buffet before each show.

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