A Glasgow man kicked off after losing £500 at a bookies machine.

Yousif Ghafoor Ismail, 28, was at Ladbrokes on West Nile Street in the city centre on February 4, 2020.

He was spotted by staff "clearly angry and shaking a machine".

An employee warned him to stop or he would be asked to leave, but he continued.

He also became aggressive and started shouting in a foreign language.

Ismail, of Shettleston, was asked to leave but instead, he approached the counter and began hitting the protective glass around it.

He was shouting about losing £500 and told a worker “I will kill you”, then spat through the gap in the glass. The saliva landed on the face of the staff member.

Attempting to leave, he went to the side door but it was locked. He came back to the front of the counter and reached through the gap of the glass.

Ismail pushed over all the computer monitors, grabbed the charity tin and threw it at the worker, striking him on the body.

Police were called but he left by the time they arrived. Cops reviewed CCTV footage and tracked him down.

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He appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court earlier this week from custody after previously pleading guilty to behaving in an abusive manner, hitting the glass and kicking a door.

He also admitted to threatening to kill the employee, spitting on him and striking him on the body with the tin, while on bail.

Ismail's lawyer said: "He is a man who would benefit from assistance. Unpaid work would be beneficial in the sense that he is an isolated individual."

Sheriff Owen Mullan imposed a community payback order on him, which includes 12 months of supervision and 72 hours of unpaid work.