AS the countdown to Christmas begins, Glaswegians have seen our beautiful city transformed into a landscape of festive colour and light.

The Ivy set up their polar bear and Argyll Arcade wrapped its trees with gold bulbs making the city centre instantly feel more and more like one of those classic Christmas music videos you stick on to distract yourself from the fact you ate too much turkey.

To help you get into the Christmas spirit, we visited the top spots around town which are guaranteed to make you feel instantly Christmassy. 

Glasgow Times:

The Ivy Polar Bear 

The sophisticated hot spot, based on Buchanan Street, has selected a polar bear as its Christmas mascot this year.

Moving on from the glorious garland which was displayed back in 2022, the bear – which comes with a very cool jumper, we should add – is certainly a sight to see this festive season.

Whether you want to grab a fun picture or admire its lifelike size, there's nothing quite like this Christmas decoration anywhere else in the city. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

House of Frasers

Anyone who has grown up in Glasgow or lived in the city for some time will know that the House of Fraser building is a must-see spot to get that special Christmas fill. 

Until those golden bulbs are draped over the building, it really doesn't quite feel like Christmas. 

This is the perfect place to add some sparkle to your camera roll. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Princes Square 

Throughout the year, Princes Square certainly provides a top luxurious shopping experience for Glaswegians and visitors alike. 

But, at Christmas, the boujee mall is not just a hot shopping spot, but a must-see sight. 

From its gorgeous Christmas tree located on the bottom floor, to its banister ribbons, Princes Square will certainly knock your Grinch socks right off. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

George Square 

George Square has been a hit with festive fun-goers for decades.

From its huge tree to the Christmas market, this historic patch of land opposite Glasgow Queen Street station is a classic night out to get you in the Saint Nick spirit. 

The decorations are no less than glorious every year, helping attendees feel like they are right in a Christmas card. 

Glasgow Times:

St Enoch Square Markets 

Like George Square, the St Enoch markets are a good way to get your Christmas spirits flowing. 

Whether you want to wander around the handcrafted gifts stalls or listen to the Christmas tunes, you will struggle to find another place in the city filled with so much to offer in one small-ish space. 

The stalls, rides and food will certainly keep your adrenaline up, your tummy full and your heart warm. 

And don't forget to check out the market's gorgeous tree too, those red lights are a beauty within themselves. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Buchanan Galleries 

This popular shopping centre in the heart of the city knows how to appropriately spruce itself right up at Christmas time. 

Sported with a Christmas tree and sparkly decorations suspended from the ceiling, the centre makes festive shopping that little bit more special. 

It will certainly get those bah humbugs smiling. What can we say? Christmas in Glasgow is a contagious joy. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

St Enoch Shopping Centre

The massive tree that follows you as you ride up the centre's lift will make you, as Sir Elton John suggests, step right into Christmas. 

Like Buchanan Galleries, St Enoch's is a gorgeous place to walk around in the festive season.

The light and shine of each decoration will satisfy the Glaswegian Luther Kranks out there and the huge reindeer at the food court is not to be missed!