A Glasgow community are fearing for their future after funding for their 'lifeline' services has come 'under threat'.

Maslows Community Hub (and shop), based in Govan, runs everything from sewing classes and self-defence lessons for women to English classes and advice meetings for adults living in the city. 

It is a place for people to grab a warm drink and have somewhere to socialise. 

Glasgow Times:

But the hub's commitment to organising free travel for adults attending their classes and services - by refunding the price of their bus tickets - has begun to run dry. 

Ruby Kelly, programmes manager at the hub, said: "With the current cost of living crisis, we know how important it is to offer free travel expenses because otherwise a lot of people couldn't afford to get here.

"There is a mix of people who attend our services like asylum seekers - who get about £5 a day in support - as well as people who live locally and further out.

"A lot people who come here are from outside the city. So, free travel expenses are vital. 

"We ran out of expenses earlier in the year and there was a huge drop in attendance because people simply couldn't afford to come out. 

"There's about 300 to 400 people attend our classes every month, and for some, these classes are people's only chance to socialise and learn in a safe environment for free. This is a total lifeline for people.

"With the current rates of attendance, we will soon run out of funding to pay for travel costs."

Glasgow Times:

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The Southside space has also become a place of booming cultural cohesion.

Ruby explained: "Our classes see attendance from people in Glasgow, as well as those who have just arrived in the city - including refugees and asylum seekers. 

"Everyone learns from each other here and it's a magical thing to see. 

"We are bringing together a human connection - an element which is sorely lacking in today's environment and society."

Glasgow Times:

In a bid to ensure that the free travel and community cohesion lives on, Maslows have launched a Crowdfunder until the next grant comes in. 

Though the hub recently received a small grant from the Winter Social Wellbeing Fund -  provided by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland - Ruby claims will only last a few weeks.

She said: "The grants we receive only last for a short amount of time. It always feels as though we are just looking and waiting for the next one."

If you would like to contribute to the hub's fundraising efforts, click HERE 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

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Maslows also runs as a community shop which operates via a voucher system.

Anyone in the city who is experiencing any level of financial hardship can sign up for the vouchers, which will give them £20 to spend in the shop on anything like like or need. 

For more information, click HERE