A man injured a teenage girl after crashing into her at a red traffic light.

Gary Faulds, 63, claimed he did not see the 14-year-old who was crossing the road in Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire, on January 20, 2023.

Faulds, of East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, knocked the girl to the ground and she was later kept in hospital having suffered cuts and bruises.

First offender Faulds pleaded guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to careless driving.

The court heard that the girl was crossing the road around 3pm after pressing the button to stop traffic.

She crossed the road when the green man lit up.

Prosecutor Ryan Diamond said: "At the same time, Faulds was driving his vehicle.

"He drove across the pedestrian crossing which had signalled for cars to stop.

"He failed to stop for the red traffic light and struck the girl with his car.

"This caused her to fall on the road."

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A member of the public helped the girl and was assisted by Faulds who exited his car.

The girl was driven back home and an ambulance was contacted.

She was later taken to hospital where she was monitored.

Faulds' lawyer told the court that her client handed himself into a police station.

It was also revealed that Faulds has had a clean driving record for 30 years.

Sheriff Vincent Lunny ordered Faulds to pay £600 in compensation and put six penalty points on his licence.

The sheriff said: "This is less serious than what it could have been but it is still a serious incident.

"It is only by good luck or grace of God it wasn't a more serious matter.

"This would have been frightening for a 14-year-old or any pedestrian."