Special ropes could save lives across East Dunbartonshire after a man tragically drowned.

Christopher Spiers died in 2016 after slipping into the water in Glasgow.

When the 33-year-old fell into the River Clyde, a lifebuoy thrown into the water did not reach him because it didn’t have ropes attached and it could not be retrieved and thrown again.

Since then, his parents, Duncan and Margaret Spiers have been campaigning for increased river safety.

Now, East Dunbartonshire Council has become one of the first local authorities to support the Christopher Saving Lives Campaign by introducing specially designed ropes.

The yellow and purple tool are more effective when attached to lifebuoys, less likely to knot and kink and can be retrieved and thrown more than once to increase the chances of them reaching someone in trouble in the water.

Glasgow Times:

Duncan Spiers said: "We were delighted to meet with council leader Gordan Low today and explain more about the need for safety ropes close to water.

"East Dunbartonshire Council is one of the first councils to meet with us and we are very grateful for the support.

"As 'water ambassadors', our aim is to promote water safety awareness and have rescue equipment extended to all waterways throughout Scotland."

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Councillor Low said: “It was a privilege to meet with Duncan Spiers and hear about the campaigning work that he and his wife Margaret have been leading. We are very grateful to receive these ropes and we will share Christopher’s story to help raise awareness of water safety.

“It is an issue we take very seriously. We are part of the East Dunbartonshire Partnership Approach to Water Safety (ED PAWS) which was formed in 2022, to improve water safety across the area.

“By forming the partnership, all agencies that have a responsibility for water safety have demonstrated their commitment to strong partnership working and the sharing of information, good practice and resources - which is key to ensuring the safety of our residents and visitors.

“Supporting the work of Christopher’s Saving Lives Campaign is a great opportunity to both raise awareness and make practical improvements to our local communities in terms of water safety.”