Campaigners have delivered open letters to housing bosses urging them to use flats as shelters for homeless people.

As the Glasgow Times reported last week, members of the Wyndford Residents Union claimed there are more than 300 homes still in liveable condition that could be put to use to ensure no-one is sleeping rough this winter.

Gathered today in the city centre, they delivered an open letter to the heads of the Scottish Housing Regulator, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership, and the Minister for Housing. 

Glasgow Times:

In this, they accused owner of the buildings, Wheatley Homes Glasgow, of not acting to support unhoused people and asylum seekers.

Nick Durie, of Wyndford Residents Union, said: "We are looking for three guiding stars because we know that housing in the city is in crisis.

"We have 300 houses that could be opened up right now. They don't need anything, they are ready to go.

"The only thing that's stopping it is politics.

"What is the message of Christmas? It's that people wandering, looking for a home can find it, so let's be hospitable."

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Glasgow Times:

Sean Clerkin from the Scottish Tenants Organisation added: "In Glasgow, we have children stuck in temporary accommodation and some of these blocks could be made into permanent homes for some of these families.

"In addition to this, we have asylum seekers and people with no access to public funds who could immediately occupy these flats.

"They would be welcomed by the Wyndford community and we cannot see why the Wheatley group would oppose this."

The activists also want to stop the demolition of the four tower blocks in North Glasgow.

But Wheatley Homes Glasgow claimed it has the overwhelming support of the community for its plans.

A spokesperson said: “The empty bedsit and one-bedroom flats in the four blocks at Wyndford have already been stripped of essential amenities and are not fit for living in. 

“These blocks are part of a massive £73m regeneration plan, which has the overwhelming support of tenants living in the area, which will see hundreds of new larger, energy-efficient family homes built for the community.

“Wheatley continues to lead from the front in helping tackle homelessness across the country. In the last financial year, we’ve provided more than 1300 homes to homeless people and families in Glasgow. This is part of a wider pledge by Wheatley Group, our parent company, to provide 10,000 properties to homeless people across Scotland by 2026.”