A community farm is on the brink of closure amid spiralling costs.

Lamont Farm Project in Erskine revealed today (December 28) that the centre for rescued and retired animals could shut down in February.

Volunteers had hoped to stick it out until next year, but as bills continued to mount they were forced to share the news "with much sadness".

In a statement on social media, a spokesperson for Lamont Farm Project said: "It looks like come the end of February the farm may have to close.

"The cost of running is at an all-time high and the donations are at an all-time low."

The farm struggled to gain funding this year and donations made by companies are expected to run out in a few months.

The cost of animal feed is around £100 a week and the cost of hay and straw is nearly £500 every three weeks, the charity said.

They added: "That's just the basics.

"Add in electricity, gas, vet bills, farrier, dentist bills, repairs and all the other wee bits that go along with having animals - the costs are astronomical!"

"And with it being a very wet winter we're going through more than we would a cold one. 

"We can't have the animals lying in wet beds.

"Our animals are rescued and retired, although the farm has never been paved with gold we give all of the animals here the best possible care that we can."

Visitor numbers and donations have plummeted at the farm leaving it in jeopardy.

Just days before Christmas, the farm was attacked by vandals who covered the stable walls in graffiti.

Owners weighed up if the farm could re-open after the incident.

A spokesperson for the farm said: "We don't want to close our gates after nearly 47 years but we may have no choice."

In a bid to keep the farm open, volunteers have organised a variety of fundraising activities and set up a donation page.

They added: "What no one realises is that the animal feed goes up in winter, especially with the bigger animals that aren't getting the goodness out of the grass.

"We're sorry to put this on during the festive period but between the fire, vandalism, robbery and everything else thrown at us this year, we are at our wit's end and have no idea where to turn.

"And morale is at an all-time low here, we are really struggling."

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