A doctor has warned people to be careful when consuming alcohol this Hogmanay.

Dr Chris Deighan, NHS Lanarkshire’s executive medical director, is urging residents to stay safe this weekend.

He said: “This is the time of year when many people are either out and about or at home celebrating the start of a new year. We want people to enjoy themselves but also think about their safety and their health.

“It should be a happy and enjoyable time but it can also be a time when you can put yourself at risk of serious harm by drinking too much and not paying attention to your safety or those around you.

“Alcohol and the cold can be a dangerous combination, and contrary to popular belief, going out into the fresh air does not sober you up and alcohol doesn’t ‘heat you up’ when you are cold.

“When you drink alcohol although your face may feel flushed and your skin warmer, your body actually quickly loses heat as the blood is rushing to the skin.  Your body temperature may fall without you actually realising it, bringing an increased danger of hypothermia.”

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Dr Deighan is also urging people to stay with friends and look out for each other.

He added: “ It is easy to continue with alcoholic drinks all night but consider alternating with soft drinks to help you stay hydrated. 

"Also think about how you are getting home if you are out and about, and never leave drinks unattended.

"Go out and have fun but make it an evening to remember and not one to forget."