A Celtic legend was given special permission to enter a Glasgow nightclub after being 'barred'.

Frank McAvennie once revealed to actor Jonathan Watson that he couldn't film part of a sketch for Only an Excuse? because he wasn't allowed in the venue.

Speaking on the Open Goal podcast, Watson recalled the time he wanted to film a segment for the popular football parody show.

He wanted to involve the former Hoops striker, who was more than happy to be part of the sketch - until they encountered a problem. 

Glasgow Times:

Watson said: “The idea was me as Macca [McAvennie], [we] would be up in Victoria’s nightclub and I was to turn around to this guy and say ‘hey how you doing?’ and it would be the real Macca.

“So we arranged it, asked him if he fancied doing it, sorted the fee, so we’re going up to film it and Frank goes to me ‘Johnny, I didn’t say... but I’m barred from Vicky’s’.

“I said to the production manager 'bit of a problem, James [Mortimer, the club's owner] has barred him'.

"So we had to phone Mortimer and get special permission."

Watson joked that McAvennie was allowed to "go in, film a scene, and f*** off.”