Glasgow has brought in more than £140 million in economic benefit from the conferences it hosted last year.

The city hosted more than 350 conferences in 2023 and welcomed more than 115,000 delegates, strengthening its position as an international conference destination, according to a report by the International Congress and Convention Association.

Angelika Wegscheider, office manager at EERA, the organisers of the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), said: "Glasgow was a perfect place to re-enter into in-person conferences again. Having so many people in Glasgow meeting again after three years made a lively, buzzing atmosphere and showed the association as vibrant and creative.

"ECER 2023 was by far the largest conference we have had so far, and this was great.

"Knowing how many participated in Glasgow and how diverse the delegates were, we are sure that the creative atmosphere at ECER 2023 will carry over to ECER 2024 and our 30th anniversary."

In the midst of this business boost, the ECER conference held at the University of Glasgow attracted 4,000 delegates last August, 60% more than projected.

Glasgow Times: The city  welcomed more than 115,000 delegates, strengthening its position as an international

The conference resulted in the largest gathering of Educational Researchers in Europe.

Similarly, the annual the British International Studies Association conference at the Hilton Glasgow received record-breaking delegate counts.

Meanwhile, the return of the European Society for Human Genetics (ESHG) to Glasgow after eight years saw almost 4,800 in-person registrations from 90 different countries, a 20 per cent increase from predictions.

Conferences held at the Scottish Event Campus Glasgow, too, attracted their highest-ever delegate numbers.

Jerome Del Picchia, ESHG executive officer, said: "Organising a conference in Glasgow at the Scottish Event Campus now for the second time, has been a pleasure.

"The Glasgow Convention Bureau is a gem. The city has obviously arrived in the circle of those venues, who understand the economic value and the importance of international conferences and do their best to provide the level of support an international organiser is looking for."

Aileen Crawford, head of Tourism and Conventions at Glasgow Life, said Glasgow has achieved unprecedented success in hosting conferences.

She said: "This accomplishment reflects the city's commitment to supporting the meetings industry, reinforcing Glasgow’s position as a popular destination for association conferences."