A planning appeal has been launched to convert a snooker hall above a pub into flats after the council refused over concerns about noise from the bar below.

The owner of the red sandstone property on Maryhill Road, which sits near Tesco and McDonald’s, wants to transform the empty snooker room into three flats.

But Glasgow City Council turned down the bid pointing out concerns about homes being above a pub “which will generate late night noise and activity”. It also said the plans was not in accordance with development policy.

Downstairs lies the once popular bar and nightclub Frampton’s, which remains closed and was in 2022 advertised for sale.

The appeal argues that as applicant ONE E11EVEN owns the entire building it could limit sound coming from the pub.

The appeal said: “Given that the applicant owns the whole property and controls the uses therein, it is within their power to control and restrict the use of amplified music within the public house and within the adjacent function suite.”

Plans include one of the flats having two bedrooms while the others would have one. Solar panels and two air source heat pumps are also part of the proposals.

The appeal also argues that using the former snooker hall is “important” as the property is listed.

It warns: “Allowing this part of the property to lie vacant is clearly not in the best interests of any party and gives rise to the possibility of the degradation, over time, of this part of the property.”

As there are already two apartments in the building, the appeal disputes that it is “wrong for this reason for the refusal of the application to imply that the proposed development creates a new mix of uses within the property”.

Councillors sitting on the local review committee will consider the appeal and decide whether more apartments can be added at 1236 Maryhill Road next week.

The council originally rejected the planning application in May.