A murder bid thug caught after a phone mix-up has been jailed for more than five years.

Ian Aitchison, 36, attacked Dale Tummon after he was lured to a property in Paisley, Renfrewshire on March 10 last year.

The 29-year-old suffered four slash wounds including a potentially life-threatening injury to his neck.

Police probed the attack after Mr Tummon turned up at hospital badly hurt.

It lead to Aitchison - who already had a violent past - being identified as a suspect.

His girlfriend lived at the property where the slashing occurred.

Officers went there and prosecutor Ali Murray told how there was evidence of blood outside including a stained tissue.

There was also a "strong smell of bleach" and it appeared the stairs had just been cleaned.

Aitchison was found hiding in a bedroom.

The police went on to spot an iPhone 12 handset in the living room.

Mr Murray: "The phone was recovered and later confirmed by Dale Tummon that it belonged to him.

"After the attack, Dale Tummon had picked up a similar phone by mistake.

"The phone picked up by him was later examined and found to belong to Aitchison.

"This was confirmed by way of addresses, images and messages found by cyber crime officers."

The High Court in Glasgow heard Aitchison had texted Mr Tummon late on March 9.

But, Mr Murray said this was a "pretence" to arrange to meet up with the victim where the attack occurred.

Aitchison was on Tuesday jailed for five years and three months having earlier pleaded guilty to an attempted murder charge.

He already had 15 previous convictions including a number for serious assault. He was also on bail at the time for a breach of the peace.

Lady Stacey also ordered he be supervised for a further two years on his release.