A hard-working food vendor admits she changed her mind about retiring from the Clydebank culinary scene because she missed the banter from locals too much.

Gemma Coyle used to run Greedy G’s food van in Whitecrook before packing it in to concentrate on the property business she owns with partner Darren in November 2022.

However, after just a few months behind a desk, Gemma couldn’t let go of her daily interactions with her fellow Clydebank natives and decided to get back in the saddle with new venture Tasty Grill.

And the 42-year-old – who runs Tasty Grill with pal Pamela Lamont - insists she is delighted to be back after setting up the new outlet on Dumbarton Road at the tail end of last year.

Glasgow Times: Tasty Grill is based down in DalmuirTasty Grill is based down in Dalmuir (Image: Tom Grant)

Speaking exclusively to the Glasgow Times, Gemma said: “Darren (partner) had asked me to come in and be a bit more hands-on with the administration side of things.

“But it wasn’t for me. I’m used to being up and out and talking to people. I love cooking.”

Before adding: “It’s like a social life. You get good banter with all the customers as well.

“The workies sometimes think that we are actually nuts when they come to this van.

“It’s my best pal who works with me now and the two of us just bounce off each other.

“You get people who will come, and they will say they bypass other places just to come to us just because we are friendly and fun.”

The dynamic duo explained they love serving the local workers their lunch, revealing the personal touch they give every person who visits is what has helped them have a bumper start to life in Dalmuir.

Glasgow Times: Regular customer Marc just loves the food at Tasty GrillRegular customer Marc just loves the food at Tasty Grill (Image: Tom Grant)

Gemma noted: “I used to have a café in Cathcart years ago, I sold that before I bought Greedy G’s, so you are going back about eight years ago, and I used to get workies who would come down from the Scottish Power building site and they used to bypass two shops to come to me.

Glasgow Times: Gemma says her soup is the best in ClydebankGemma says her soup is the best in Clydebank (Image: Tom Grant)

“They are going in for their break, they are wanting somebody to speak to, not to be ignored for 20 minutes.”

Marc Crainie, of nearby MGM Finishings, explained he’s a big fan of the van and the food they serve, with one dish in particular becoming a staple of his lunchtime routine.

He said: “Honestly, their salt and pepper chicken is unreal.

“But so is most of their stuff, and they are a good laugh as well.”

Gemma’s preference is for the homemade cakes and soup she makes, finishing: “Everybody loves my soup in Clydebank, I’m not actually lying when I say that.”