A North Glasgow family firm is creating jobs in the region as it employed 200 people in the last year.

Possilpark-based Allied Vehicles, which adapt vehicles for the wheelchair accessible vehicle market, brought in another 40 members of staff this month.

Gerry Facenna, owner of Allied Vehicles, said: "When I first started Allied, I wanted to create jobs and opportunities for people in the local community.

"As we succeed and grow, it’s been fantastic to see this continue at pace."

The firm said it aims to continue its growth as there is a high demand for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Glasgow Times: Gerry Facenna said the firm will continue creating jobs and investing in the community

Allied Vehicles also gives back to the community through its Charitable Trust which donates nearly £250,000 annually to local schools, sports teams, and food pantries.

This month, it donated £20,000 to worthy causes.

Mr Facenna added: "Our Charitable Trust is so important to so many North Glasgow charities and community organisations.

"Supporting organisations like The Courtyard Pantry, who are doing amazing things to help local people in food poverty is the reason the Trust was created in the first place.

"Seeing the smiles on the faces of local school children who we support to go on school trips that would otherwise be out of reach due to the cost-of-living crisis and increasing poverty gaps makes it all so worthwhile."

Plans for expansion both locally and internationally are in progress.

Mr Facenna said: "It’s such an exciting time for Allied as we continue to see record levels of success. We will carry on creating jobs and investing in the community.

"This is the area I grew up in, the area where the Allied story began, and we want to see Possilpark flourish again."