A new bookshop and cafe is set to open up in the Southside of Glasgow soon. 

The new space Ark Hub will be situated on Cathcart Road and run by The Arkbound Foundation - a charity which aims to improve accessibility and diversity in literature and publishing across the UK. 

Since forming in 2017, the charity has supported a range of books by authors from disadvantaged backgrounds, and with their latest venture, they are hoping to create a place for people to come together to read, grab a coffee and even get creative. 

Glasgow Times:

Susan Tong, art club manager and coordinator, said: "We wanted to open a hub that would bring together the local community.

“We want to help bring out resident’s creative side and give locals a space where they can get a break from the outside world. It will be a cosy environment where people can relax, bring a book and have a cup of coffee.”

Glasgow Times:

The hub is currently scheduled to open its doors in February, though an exact date has not yet been set. 

However, Susan did reveal some details regarding refreshments that will be stocked at the cafe and the design of the space.

She told the Glasgow Times that the cafe will be serving food as well as hot and cold drinks at a low and affordable price, with a lot of it provided by local suppliers and grocers.

The bookshop itself will feature the likes of coffee tables, chairs, and cushions, and books available in the shop will include a range of works from authors across Glasgow and the UK - as well as authors who are part of The Arkbound Foundation label. 

Glasgow Times:

Going forward, the charity hopes the hub can be a stepping stone for indie authors and publishers to get their work out in the city and beyond. 

Susan explained: "One of our aims is to help indie authors and publishers in the future, once we are more settled in and developed. 

"With the hub being based in Glasgow and being Scottish myself, we want to get as many Scottish authors in the door as possible." 

Glasgow Times:

The hub will play host to a range of exciting events for locals in a bid to strengthen community spirit in Glasgow's Cathcart. 

Susan added: "We hope the hub can bring events that people want to watch or listen to. Like spoken word performances and readings from authors. 

"We want the hub to give authors and creatives a platform to showcase their own work.

“Some events will be free and those that are tickets will see snacks such as hot drinks and biscuits will be given out at no cost."

The hub is also happy to hear from any book clubs who wish the use the facility as a residency, as well as anyone wanting to host literary workshops in the space. 

You can contact Susan via email at susan@arkfound.org

To find out more about the hub or Arkbound Foundation, click HERE