Councillors were forced to carry out a dramatic U-turn and revoke planning permission for a shipping container to become a takeaway in a highly unusual move.

A bid to sell toasties, drinks, rolls and chips among other food from a plot at Acre Road is now up in the air despite councillors giving it approval last month.

That decision has now been revoked after it emerged councillors were not told about an objection from a community council and were given the wrong details regarding another objector.

Rabnawaz Hussain, who applied to the council for the takeaway in the Maryhill area, now plans to object to the bid to take away his permission, a meeting heard.

The planning committee, which gave approval, was not presented with the objection from Maryhill and Summerston community council at a meeting last month due to an admin delay. It has also come to light that another objection, from the Acre Tenants and Residents Association, was attributed to a single person rather than the group.

A planning official told the meeting that the committee had made a decision “without the full facts being available” and said “mistakes have been made”.

He said legal advice found that the situation “potentially undermined the validity of the committee’s decision”.

The official asked councillors if they were happy for the decision to stand or if they wanted to revoke it in light of the correction over the identity of objectors.

Martha Wardrop, Greens councillor, said: “I’m very distressed for the objectors that their identity was not clear at the first meeting.”

She added: “It doesn’t inspire confidence in the planning process. I think clear lessons have to be learned from what has happened in terms of processing objections and how they are reported to the committee.”

The official said: “A couple of mistakes have been made. We have to go through a remedial process.”

Thomas Kerr, Conservative, said: “Mistakes do happen but this is a pretty big mistake that I think looks bad on the department.”

He added: “I think it is only fair we give you leeway and I think this is the first time this has ever happened so I think that is fair.”

He called for planning permission to remain in place.

Committee chair, Ken Andrew, SNP, said the situation is “absolutely unique” to him.

He said last month’s committee meeting was left with the impression that the community council had not placed an objection when in fact they had.

Following a vote, it was decided that an order be made to the Scottish Government to revoke the decision.