A yellow weather warning for winds of up to 70mph has been issued for Glasgow.

The Met Office has implemented the warning for the Glasgow and wider Strathclyde area from 10am on Sunday, January 28.

Some transport delays and disruptions can be expected, as well as temporary loss of power in some areas.

While wind is 'likely' to reach 50 to 60 miles per hour, some parts could see up to 70 miles per hour winds.

The Met Office states: "Strong and gusty southerly winds will develop across parts of Northern Ireland before extending into Scotland through Sunday morning.

"Some difficult travel conditions are expected, for instance for some roads such as the A1 in Scotland, and the A2 in Northern Ireland.

"As well as strong crosswinds for some routes, there is also a risk of a few trees being blown over. Gusts of wind are likely to reach 50-60 mph, locally 70 mph to the north of high ground.

"Winds will ease across Northern Ireland by dusk, and across the rest of the warning area by about 8pm."