Three thugs carried out a string of armed robberies in Glasgow, which left one victim with a punctured lung.

Colin Hastie, 27 and John McDougall, 32, pounced on Mohammed El-Farouh in the city centre on May 31, 2023.

The pair and co-accused Bailey Jackson, 18, had earlier stolen Yousef Allojdeh's phone as he sat in his car.

Mr El-Farouh bravely attempted to retrieve his friend's phone but was repeatedly stabbed in the body.

Hastie went on to steal groceries from a supermarket at knifepoint before the three later met up at a bakery in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.

The armed trio then assaulted delivery driver Teejay Burt and took his belongings before they fled the scene in his car.

The three men pleaded guilty today at the High Court in Glasgow to a number of charges including assault and robbery.

The court heard the trio approached Mr Allodjeh's car after Mr El-Farouh entered around 1.30am.

One member of the group demanded money and car keys from Mr Allodjeh.

Prosecutor Michael MacIntosh said: "The man threatened to kill Mr Allodjeh and put a knife to his throat.

"One of the men grabbed Mr Allodjeh's phone from the holder and Jackson ran off down Argyle Street.

"While Mr Allodjeh tried to stop his phone being taken, he was struck on the forearm and hand causing wounds."

Hastie went on to struggle with Mr Allodjeh while the other ruffled through the back seat of his car.

Mr Allodjeh was taken from the vehicle and initially gave chase before he returned to the car.

Matters continued and Mr El-Farouh attempted to get Mr Allodjeh mobile phone back from McDougall.

Mr MacIntosh: "A struggle took place and McDougall took a knife from his pocket and struck Mr El-Farouh on the body.

"Hastie then joined in and struck Mr El-Farouh several times with the knife."

The three attackers then fled the scene in a car.

Mr El-Farouh was taken to hospital where he was noted to have lost a significant amount of blood.

He was treated for four stab wounds on his right shoulder and back.

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Mr MacIntosh added: "Mr El-Farouh's lung also collapsed and there was blood in his chest cavity."

Hastie and an associate went on to enter an Asda in Glasgow's Mount Florida at 2.37am where they later tried to exit without paying for goods.

Security Christopher Rush approached them to take the bag and Hastie brandished a knife before he left.

Around 90 minutes later, Teejay Burt was approached by Hastie, Jackson and McDougall outside his work at a bakery in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.

Mr Burt was asked by one of the group to give him a lift but he refused.

Someone asked him: "Is it worth getting stabbed over?"

Mr Burt was ordered to get onto the floor of the bakery while Hastie and Jackson produced folding knives.

McDougall meantime brought out a 10-inch chef's knife and kicked Mr Burt to the ribs before he sat on his back.

Mr MacIntosh said: "He pressed the knife to the back of his head."

Mr Burt's phone, car keys and watch were taken by the trio.

He later took refuge in a shop where a member of the public phoned the police.

The three attackers made off in Mr Burt's car which was later found crashed into a lamp post near Blantrye, South Lanarkshire.

The court also heard of an earlier incident in which Hastie and Jackson robbed Laura Doolan at knifepoint of her car at a Morrison's supermarket in Lanark, South Lanarkshire.

The car was pursued by the police and the pair attempted to flee the scene.

A knife with Jackson's DNA was recovered as well as another blade.

It was revealed that Hastie has previous convictions for crimes of violence while McDougall's earlier offending includes knives. Jackson, of Lanark, is a first offender.

Sentence was deferred until next month pending background reports by Judge Lord Clark who remanded all three in custody meantime.