A PERSON has been arrested after cops chased a 'stolen car' in Glasgow last night.

Officers say the motor, which was allegedly stolen during a housebreaking, was spotted driving on the city's M8.

After that, road police say the vehicle 'made off' and was then pursued around Possil, Springburn, and Maryhill.

It is understood four people were in the car during the incident.

Cops in a helicopter then tracked down one of the occupants hiding in woodland after the pursuit, while the other three escaped on foot.

Now, officers revealed one person has been arrested and charged with a number of offences and held for court.

They have said an investigation is underway to trace the other three occupants.



A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: "This car was stolen in a housebreaking and spotted by Glasgow Road Policing on the M8 last night.

"It made off and was pursued around the North of the city.

"Our helicopter located one of the four occupants hiding in woodland.

"Enquiries continue to trace the rest."