A senior executive at a bank smashed his parents' window amid a legal dispute with his parents over the property.

Suraj Ram, 35, used a belt to cause the damage during the early morning incident in Glasgow's Darnley on July 11, 2022.

Barclays employee Ram struck the window pane and front door which caused the glass to shatter.

Police later attended and arrested Ram who told them: "I'm happy I smashed the windows."

Ram pleaded guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to without reasonable excuse, wilfully destroy or damage property.

Jamie McNair, defending, told the court that Ram purchased the property with his father and were on the mortgage together.

The lawyer said: "Sometime before this incident, Mr Ram's mother presented documents to him.

"She told him it related to life insurance and he signed the documents.

"It transpired that this was a transfer for his share of the house.

"He found out about it and was thrown out of his house with his belongings put in the garden.

"He is employed as a senior executive at Barclays Bank.

"He thought there would be an effect on his credit rating and he thought this might affect his job as someone in his job cannot have a bad credit rating.

"Mr Ram consumed alcohol and simply lost control."

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Mr McNair also asked for an absolute discharge which would have meant that the conviction would not appear on his criminal record.

However, this was refused by Sheriff Gerard Bonnar who instead admonished Ram, now of the city's Cessnock, for the matter.

The sheriff said: "This was not an instantaneous reaction...he went to the house and smashed a window in the background of a civil dispute.

"He took matters into his own hands. This is not the case for an absolute discharge."