More than 400 trees were brought down around Glasgow by recent storms, it has emerged, as the clean-up from the heavy weather continued.

Glasgow, along with most of Scotland, had to brace itself for storms Isha and Jocelyn which arrived in quick succession towards the end of January.

Residents, commuters, cyclists, runners and dog walkers in Carmyle are still dealing with the fallout of the bad weather along the Clyde Walkway however, where a large tree was brought down and is completely obscuring the path. 

GMB convenor Chris Mitchell said he came across the debris on Saturday night between Carmyle Avenue and River Road. 

Glasgow Times:

A video taken by the convenor demonstrates just how large the tree is and how important it is to clear the path so it can be used by the public.

Glasgow City Council says the bad weather has caused extensive damage to the trees which their trained and certified arborists have been working to make safe.

Chris Mitchell said: “On Saturday I was out for a walk in Carmyle and didn’t get very far before I found this tree blocking the path. 

“This tree is massive and it is covering the whole path. I had to manoeuvre around it which was very difficult because of the sheer size of it. 

“This is a well used path. People commute to work on their bikes via this path. It is also  popular with dog walkers, runners and people going out for a stroll.

“It is going to be quite difficult to use this path and get round the tree particularly if you are on a bike. It is important that it is moved right away but again there are not enough staff in the parks to deal with it 

“That tree has been lying for a week so far. That’s why it is vital that we fund our public services properly. 

“I worry this path will be blocked for weeks to come. That is why it is so important to fight to fund vital services properly. 

“We need an adequate number of staff to be able to do that.”

Glasgow Times:

The local authority says it has been notified of at least three trees that have fallen down along the Clyde Walkway.

A council spokeswoman said: “The two recent storms caused extensive damage to trees which our trained and certified arborist team has been working diligently to make safe. 

“We had 436 reported locations of fallen trees and branches (there were often several trees at each site). Our top priority has been to clear public roads, pavements and school grounds first, before moving on to fallen trees in our parks and greenspaces. 

“We’d like to thank the public for all the positive feedback received in support of the team’s hard work.

“We have recently recruited two additional arborists and are currently recruiting two more. 

“We’ve been notified of three or four fallen trees on the Clyde Walkway between Carmyle Bowling Club and Clydeford Road Bridge and will tackle them as soon as operationally possible.”