A Southsider is helping to improve the lives of women in Glasgow with a free weekly walking group.

Rachel Singer, 26, is the dedicated face behind Girls Who Walk Glasgow, a group created with the aim of giving anyone who identifies as a woman - and is over the age of 18 - the chance to make friends and combat the level of loneliness amongst females in the city.

Glasgow Times:

The Cathcart local told the Glasgow Times: “I think when you get older and leave education, it can be really hard to meet new people or make friends as a woman.

“A lot of our hobbies like reading, walking and art are all solo activities – which can make socialising difficult.

“So, I wanted to create this group to give women a space to meet each other. The core of it all is to combat loneliness.”

Glasgow Times:

Girls Who Walk was founded by Manchester woman, Ella Thompson, and the initiative has since made its way into cities and towns all across the UK.  

However, once Rachel discovered that Glasgow did not have its own GWW group, she decided to take matters into her own hands.  

She explained: “I saw the Girls Who Walk TikToks and I wanted to join the Glasgow one.

“I then came to realise that Glasgow did not have one and so, I decided to set up one myself.

“It has really blown up since. I remember turning up for a walk one week expecting maybe about 20 people and there were 55 girls there.

“It’s so overwhelming but in the best way possible.

“Though it is a hard thing to say, I am proud of myself and so proud to be able to give this space for women to meet one another.”

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Not only has the group grown in size, but it seems to be doing wonders for those attending.

Rachel said: “I did a survey with the girls as I am preparing to sort some funding which would allow me to hold more free events for the girls beside just the walks.

“In the survey, 99% of those who attend said they thought the group provided them with a place to meet new people.

“People also said so many things like how the walks are brilliant, everyone there is easy to speak to and the environment is safe and welcoming.

“I have a lot of the girls on social media, and I’ve also seen some of them going out for a coffee or something together – and they didn’t know one another before the group and that’s just so lovely to me.”

The survey also revealed that of the girls who are part of the group, 97% said they found it hard to find new friends and 98% have felt or are feeling loneliness.  

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The group walk around Glasgow Green on a route led by Rachel and meet on a Sunday around 10am.

The group for about an hour and the route is mostly flat, buggy friendly and accessible for anyone with disabilities or in wheelchairs.

After the walk, the girls go for a coffee to an independent and local café – which is completely optional for attendees.

To find out more information about the group, click HERE