AN ELDERLY man caught with a gun in a wardrobe claimed he found it under the floorboards when fitting an aerial.

George Watt, 65, was snared with a revolver which was kept in a bag under clothing at his former home in Glasgow's Govan on March 18, 2022.

The discovery came about when a cleaner for a housing association came across it while gutting out the flat for a new tenant.

Watt later told police that he “didn’t think anything about it” after finding the firearm.

Watt pleaded guilty today at the High Court in Glasgow to possession of the gun without authority of the state or Scottish ministers.

The court heard that Glasgow Housing Association employee Alan Stewart was tasked with cleaning Watt’s home after he moved out to make way for a new tenant.

Prosecutor Vish Kathuria said: "Mr Stewart emptied the wardrobe and found a black bag under clothing which he noticed was heavy.

"He opened it to see what was inside and he found a black revolver which he put on the floor and called his manager."

Mr Stewart was informed to leave the property and contacted the police.

Police and firearms officers attended the property to make the gun safe before it was seized.

The gun was described to be an Italian-manufactured converted black firing revolver.

It was 18 centimetres in length with a barrel length of just under 10 centimetres.

The revolver was stated to be in poor condition but can fire modified blank cartridges.

Mr Kathuria added that a test of the gun with BB bullets resulted in the opinion that if fired at a person "it could be fatal."

Watt was traced meantime where he told officers that he "found it under the floorboards in May when putting in an aerial from the bedroom to the living room."

Mr Kathuria stated: "He told officers that he did not think anything of it.

"He said no one else knew about it and that he was not told to hold it for anyone.

"He had no knowledge of it being adapted."

Tony Lenehan KC, defending, told the court that his client has one previous conviction from 42 years ago.

The advocate said: "He understands that the sentencing provisions of the charge apply.

"He understands the outcome in this case and he will be received in custody today."

Judge Lord Doherty remanded Watt, now of the city's Cardonald, in custody meantime pending background reports.

The matter will call at the High Court in Edinburgh next month.