From being ‘papped’ out of the Barrowland Ballroom to selling out the famous venue, The Snuts have made the transformation from ‘indie kids’ to one of Scotland’s most successful bands.

“I’ve seen quite a few people at the Barras, we sort of grew up going there. But we were underage for a lot of the gigs so we were just getting papped out quite a lot,” frontman Jack Cochrane told the Glasgow Times. 

Glasgow Times:

The band, Jack Cochrane (vocals and guitar), Joe McGillveray (guitar), Callum Wilson (bass) and Jordan Mackay (drums), will be playing two sold-out shows later this month - three years on from their first performance at the famous East End venue. 

Jack said: “We played the Barrowlands after the release of our first record about three years ago. 

“It was always a landmark for us to get to that point because we were so focused on that being a moment for us as friends. 

“Both records we have put out before (W.L. in 2021 and Burn the Empire in 2022) were during Covid times, so we’ve never been able to properly launch a record in a live environment and we just thought, what better place to do it than the Barrowlands?

“I love this city; I think it is one of the best in the world – especially for live music.”

Glasgow Times:

The shows will take place on February 27 and 28 and will follow the release of The Snuts’ third studio album, Millennials – set to drop on February 23. 

The 10-track record will be released on the band’s newly set up label, Happy Artist Records. It comes after they made a break away from their previous label home, Parlophone. 

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Jack said: “It’s really exciting to get new music out there.

“This is the first record that we’ve made entirely on our own and released on our own. So, it’s been a really different process for us. 

“It’s been more fun making the music and sharing it because we have had so much more control and freedom over what it means to put music out in 2024. 

“It’s been very comfortable and enjoyable, for a change. It’s pretty exciting.” 

Glasgow Times:

The Snuts released their first single, Glasgow, back in 2016 which took a joiner, Jack, roofer, Callum, mechanic Jordan and stonemason, Joe out of their ‘normal jobs’ and straight into the spotlight. 

Jack said: “Playing music was always a kind of pipe dream. 

“We played a lot when we were in our early teens. We would always be hanging around the forest, drinking cider and everyone would have their guitars. 

“We kind of then gave up on that because there wasn’t really a scene then or many opportunities where we are from.

“Then we settled down into these real jobs and thought nah, we should give this a proper go at this. 

“Everything then sort of fell into place and grew from there.”

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The four-piece, from West Lothian, will be playing the main stage at TRSNMT this year on Friday, July 12 - and the boys cannot wait to get back on that Glasgow Green stage. 

Jack said: “TRNSMT is always a nervous show for us. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to deliver in a big capacity.

“But we’re really excited for it this year. 

“The sun always seems to be shining at TRNSMT – it has this kind of energy.”

TRNSMT will take place between July 12 and 14. To find out more, click HERE