A Glasgow singer has pointed to busking in the city centre as the reason for his ever-deserving rise to stardom. 

Within the last few years, Dylan John Thomas has transformed from a rising star to a superstar right in front of our eyes. 

And as it turns out, it is all thanks to some wee busking sessions on one of the city's biggest shopping areas, Argyle Street. 

Glasgow Times:

The 25-year-old told the Glasgow Times: “I used to busk outside of Marks and Spencer’s on Argyle Street in the town.

“I would sing all the old tunes and it was just class.

“I loved it, I was so buzzing to play when I would busk. 

“I look back on that and think that if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be where I am or touring as I am now.”

Glasgow Times:

The Fever hitmaker has graduated from his honourable Argyle Street busking post to selling out six shows at the famous Barrowland Ballroom and performing on TRNSMT’s main stage for a soon-to-be second time. 

So, how does the Glaswegian feel about these sensational successes?  

Simple, it’s ‘class’. 

“I didn’t think (my success) would be as mental as it is. 

“It’s just nice to have people who have been listening to the tunes for a few years and for them to see the progress too, it’s class,” Dylan said.

He continued: “When I think about going from being a punter in the Barrowlands to playing six shows it is just absolutely bonkers.

“I used to always go to the Barrowlands when I was younger, and I would look at the sign and the lights.

“I would go to the guitar shops across the road too and we used to sneak in and try and get a shot of the five grand guitars – so, there’s 12-year-old me and the guy just went, no chance, mate. 

“Being able to play it now and with the history that is there, it is one of my favourite venues to play.”

Glasgow Times:

In the ultimate of successes, Dylan has now finally released his self-titled debut album.

“I’m just glad to get the album and the tunes out now,” he said. 

Reflecting on what his favourite banger from the record is, he said: “What I need.” 

He added: “I just like the way the melodies move – so, that’s probably my favourite and favourite to play as well.”

The singer released his first tune Nobody Else back in 2019 after discovering his love for Johnny Cash and subsequently, the art of music

His first exposure to the country genius was when playing a PlayStation game at his foster home in the city. 

He explained: “We used to play this Tony Hawk game on the Play Station and every 10 minutes Ring of Fire would play. 

“Every time it would come on, we would all be jumping around the room to it and that’s how I got into guitar. Through that, I discovered The Beatles and all these 60s artists, and the natural progression was that I just discovered a love for the art and began writing a load of tunes.”

Glasgow Times:

The star will be playing his tunes during his upcoming set at TRNSMT on Saturday, July 13.

He said: “It’s funny because we used to busk outside of the festival. There was a VIP stage years ago and there was like a truck at the back of the stage that we played a few tunes in. 

“We then went on to play on the King Tut’s stage and then the main stage. 

“We have a nice sunset slot this year too, it’ll be class. 

“We’ve hung about Glasgow Green all our lives – it’s always been a landmark in the city for us.”

TRNSMT will take place between July 12 and 14. 

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