A woman has been hailed as a local hero for helping evacuate a flat near Ibrox Stadium after a ferocious blaze.

Three people, including two women and a man, were taken to hospital following the fire in a ground-floor property on Copland Road around 2.35pm.

Eyewitness Teresa Graham was on her way to the chemist when the fire broke out.

She told the Glasgow Times she was standing on the street when a woman rushed over screaming for help.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Teresa ran to her. It wasn't until she saw thick clouds of smoke coming out of a property that she realised what was happening.

She said: "The next minute, I saw all the smoke coming out of the flat.

"I tried to get in the close but couldn't with all the black smoke.

"I covered my mouth with my hand and tried to get in but I couldn't."

She hailed the brave woman who flagged her down and 'saved two people from inside the property'.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Teresa said: "That lassie, she was a hero. She went right in and helped pull people out.

"I was so worried there were weans in the house.

"The first woman to get taken out of the flat said someone else was still in there.

"The other woman just went back in. I told her not to, I don't know how she did it with the smoke.

"I had to back away because I couldn't even breathe. It was horrendous.

"Three have been taken to hospital, one is the woman who was helping.

"I don't know her name or anything like that, but she's a hero running in like that."

Glasgow Times:


Glasgow Times:

She added: "A lot of motors stopped and they helped us. When we got the man out we dragged him around the side of the building.

"I was worried he was dead because the window had just blown out and all the flames were climbing out."

Teresa was in the throws of shock after witnessing the flames rip through the flat.

She described the smoke as thick and black, smelling like a heap of burning tyres.

We previously reported a huge blue light presence including four firetrucks locked down the scene.

Pictures from the scene show firefighters removing charred debris from the premises as police officers stand guard.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “We were alerted at 2.35pm on Tuesday, February 13, to reports of a dwelling fire on Copland Road, Glasgow.

“Operations Control mobilised four appliances, and firefighters extinguished a fire affecting a ground floor flat.

"Crews worked to make the area safe before leaving the scene.

“Three casualties were rescued and in the care of the Scottish Ambulance Service.”

A spokesperson from Police Scotland confirmed they attended to assist the fire service at the scene.