Popular podcast series The Rest Is Politics will bring a live show to Glasgow this year. 

The podcast's creators, Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart, will guide audiences through the peculiarities of British politics during The Election Tour as the country gears up for the upcoming general election.

The tour will take place on October 12 at the SEC Armadillo and tickets are on sale now.

Mr Campbell, former Downing Street director of communications and strategy, said: "We sold out the Royal Albert Hall quicker than the Foo Fighters - we are going to have to up our game to sell out the O2 Arena, but hopefully our listeners can help."

Glasgow Times: The duo aims to provide an inside look into the hidden workings of Parliament

Mr Stewart, a former cabinet minister, said he is excited for their first visit to Glasgow with the podcast.

He added: "October is going to be a very important month in US - and most likely UK - politics, so this tour should give us the opportunity to discuss some of the most pivotal elections of our lifetime on stage with our listeners."

The duo aim to provide an inside look into the hidden workings of Parliament, dealing with the subtleties and oddities of political life.

Tickets can be purchased from www.aegp.uk/TheRestIsPolitics.

The Rest Is Politics has more than 145 million total downloads and 2.5 million listens per week since its inception.