A Glasgow theatre was evacuated in the middle of a show due to an incident.

Guests piled into the city's Pavilion Theatre on Monday evening to watch David Suchet: Poirot and More.

However, during the performance one of the fire alarms was activated and the audience was asked to leave.

Theatre staff carried out safety checks before allowing theatre-goers back into the venue.

Pavilion bosses confirmed that the evacuation was due to a fire alarm set off by a customer vaping in the toilets.

They condemned the act and reminded guests that vaping and smoking is not permitted inside the theatre.

A spokesperson for the theatre said: "The Pavilion Theatre was evacuated last night following the activation of one of the fire alarms due to a customer vaping in the toilets.

"Theatre staff carried out an immediate evacuation of the building, and following the necessary safety checks, allowed customers back into the theatre for the remainder of the performance.

"Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside the Pavilion Theatre and our alarms do detect vapour from e-cigarettes and vapes."