A SPANISH football fan who lit a smoke bomb at Celtic Park was snared after police later noticed red dye on his trainers. 

Javier Martinez, 24, lit the pyrotechnic at the Celtic vs Atletico Madrid tie at Parkhead on October 25 2023.

The Champions League group stage match which ended 2-2.

Law student Martinez ignited the red smoke bomb as the teams emerged from the tunnel.

The first offender was not lifted until half time when police stopped him going to the toilet.

He was found to have red dye on his trainers which had emanated from the flare for 60 seconds. 

Martinez jetted into Glasgow with his father where he pleaded guilty to possession of a smoke grenade.

The Crown accepted a not guilty plea to a charge of culpably and recklessly lighting and holding the grenade in a crowd of football supporters to their danger.

A charge that Martinez behaved in a threatening or abusive manner was also dropped. 

Martinez was stated to have shouted, gestured at Celtic fans as well as acted aggressively towards a steward.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that Martinez was sitting in the South Stand among the away crowd at around 8pm.

Prosecutor Jacky Wall said: “At this time the match commenced and police observed Martinez light and ignite a pyrotechnic flare that released red smoke into the crowd which continued for 60 seconds.”

Martinez was not approached at this time by the police.

Miss Wall went on to say: “Martinez left his seat at half time and made his way to the toilets.

“At this point, he was stopped by police who had seen him hold the flare.

“He was identified by two officers…his trainers were observed to have red dye staining on them.”

Martinez was arrested and kept in custody overnight. 

Paul Sutherland, defending, told the court that his client has never been in trouble before.

He said: “Mr Martinez is a university student studying law.

“From my dealings with him, he takes these matters seriously and has been very anxious over proceedings.

“He was provided with a flare as were a number of others and set it off when instructed by the other group of fans.

“He is extremely sorry for the difficulties he has caused.”

Sheriff Tony Kelly fined Martinez £900.

He was also banned from attending all UK football matches for a period of two years.