Protesters stole 1200 potato scones today and handed them out to the public. 

This Is Rigged claims that it targeted 15 supermarkets in the city centre and placed the suspected stolen tattie scones in a trolley on George Square with a sign saying “Free Tattie Scones @thisisrigged”.

Glasgow Times:

The group pulled a similar stunt earlier this week when they removed bread and roses from the shelves of Tesco on Union Street and handed the goods out to passers-by. Those involved even dressed as Tesco workers and wore lanyards.

Today's actions came as This is Rigged looked to highlight that the prices of tatties have risen by 22%, as well as the link between the climate and cost of living crises - and how both are directly impacting the everyday consumer.

Glasgow Times:

It comes after the group issued two new demands late last year; that supermarkets cap the price of basic goods at the pre-2021 rate, and that the Scottish government commit to establishing and funding a community food hub per five hundred households.

Glasgow Times:

Speaking about why they took action, a spokesperson from This Is Rigged said:  “These tattie scones belong in the hands of the people of Scotland, not in the miserly hands of profiteering CEOs like Ken Murphy and Simon Roberts.

"They’ve taken more than enough from us all already and have already enjoyed absurd profits during the cost of living crisis, I’m sure they won’t miss a few tattie scones.”

This is Rigged vowed to escalate and continue to redistribute food and essential goods until their new demands are met, urging people to join them HERE