Three high-powered electric vehicle (EV) chargers have been installed at The Old Plane Tree pub in Glasgow Southside.

Osprey Charging plans to strengthen the national charging infrastructure by supporting businesses, residents, and visitors with reliable EV infrastructure.

Ian Johnston, chief executive officer of Osprey Charging, said: "The electric transition is well underway and we’re here to provide a reliable and rapid public charging service for drivers, from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands.

"Osprey now has over 1000 charge points installed across the UK, each carefully designed to maximise space, accessibility and availability and made to the latest and highest standards.

"The new charging site at The Old Plane Tree will form a vital part of the re-charging network that will enable the decarbonisation of transport in the UK."

The user-friendly 60kW rapid chargers are compatible with every EV on the market and can add 100 miles of range in roughly 35 minutes.

Accepting different payment methods including Apple/Google Pay, contactless bank cards, and all major third-party methods, the charging process is made simple for drivers.

The chargers, supplied with renewable energy, are expected not only to encourage local EV uptake but also improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, and support decarbonisation efforts.

The EV rapid-charging network aims to provide access to a simple and convenient charging experience.

Osprey has funded the installation and operation, and it oversees maintenance of the chargers.

The installation is ranked highly for safety and accessibility by independent inspection body ChargeSafe.