A Glasgow woman threw a shovel out of her third-floor window in the middle of a neighbour dispute.

On June 6, 2023, around 6pm, several people were in a beer garden in Govan - near flats.

Around 8pm, an argument started between Linda Thomas and a neighbour.

Thomas was seen hanging out of her third-story window, having an argument with a person below.

The 59-year-old threw a shovel out of the window, causing it to fall to the ground, just inches away from someone’s head.

Several people saw this and 999 was dialed.

Police came to Thomas' home, where she was cautioned and charged. She made no reply and was taken to Helen Street police station.

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She appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week after she pleaded guilty to throwing the item.

Her lawyer said: "There was an ongoing neighbour dispute and on this day, it escalated. She was drinking alcohol but she does not offer that as an excuse.

"She acted on impulse and she is very regretful and sorry. She has since moved away. She lives alone and has no dependence."

Sheriff Joan Kerr said: "This was a serious offence. What could be more reckless than throwing a heavy item out the window and it falling just inches away from someone? It could have easily struck a child.

"I appreciate that your circumstances have improved."

Thomas was tagged for 136 days, which means she has to stay within her home between 8pm and 7am.