A long-term plan to secure the future of a popular children's farm must be delivered according to a city councillor.

Thomas Kerr, conservative councillor for Shettleston said each year it is proposed for a 'review' only to be 'saved' at the last minute. 

During the council’s annual budget meeting earlier this month, the Tory councillor expressed his anger as the SNP city administration did not allocate funds for Tollcross Children’s Farm in their proposals. 

The SNP and Greens struck up a deal towards the end of the meeting, which included leaving the farm safe from review for at least the next three years.

Glasgow Times:

However, Kerr has said that he is 'sick and tired' of proposals being on the table each year to axe or cut funding to the farm, only for it to be ‘saved’ again. 

He said: “The Tollcross Children’s Farm is a great and much-loved asset in my ward. However, every single year since I’ve been elected in 2017 plans to shut it down or slash its funding have been on the table at budget time, which is hugely disappointing.

“The Glasgow Greens might be trying to spin that they saved it this year, but this short-term thinking does nobody associated with the farm any favours.

“I am sick and tired of those sorts of plans being discussed every year.

"Enough is enough. We need to see the SNP-Green administration urgently deliver a long-term plan – backed up with required funding – for Tollcross Children’s farm.”

Glasgow Times:

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Kerr also added that he has 'great memories' of visiting the farm as a child and wants to be in a position to take his own son – who is currently one.

He explained: "I loved going to Tollcross Children’s Farm as a child and I want my own son to experience that too, so I urge SNP-Green councillors to outline that long-term vision now.”

Glasgow Times:

However, the Scottish Greens have fought back against Kerr's statement saying that while they worked to save Tollcross Children's Farm, the Tories 'neglected their duty' by not setting a budget.

Councillor Anthony Carroll, Green spokesperson for community services, said: "Greens are proud that our Budget deal with the SNP administration prioritised community venues. Thanks to the Greens, Tollcross Farm is safe from review for at least the next three years.

"While Greens in the room worked to save Tollcross Children's Farm from being cut, the Tories neglected their duty by not bothering to set a budget and thus making decisions for the long-term future of our amenities like Tollcross Children's Farm. 

“Greens will not shirk away from standing up for community spaces despite the backdrop of painful Tory austerity.

"Councils are in an impossible financial position after 14 years of Tory austerity cutting millions from Glasgow's Budget through the devolution settlement. With Greens in Government, we are giving councils new powers to raise revenue and protect communities, like the second home surcharge and a tourist tax.

"The best long-term plan to protect council finances and community venues is to get rid of this Tory government."

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The SNP-Greens budget will be in place for the next three years. 

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Key takeaways from the budget are that council tax will be frozen and parking charges will rise by up to 25%. 

For more information on the budget, click HERE 

A spokesman for the council said: "To bridge the funding gap currently faced by the council, a budget that required to find £107m savings over the next three years has been approved by elected members.

"In these financially challenging circumstances, a wide range of options are put forward for consideration before elected members make their final decisions.

"Tollcross Farm was not included in the recently approved budget."