A rarely-seen long lost Billy Connolly film has been unearthed - and will be released in cinemas and on DVD.

Big Banana Feet is a hilarious recording of the Glasgow comedian's Irish tour in 1975 when he was on the cusp of achieving international stardom.

It has been restored by the British Film Institute (BFI) using two rare 16mm prints, one held by the Pacific Film Archive collection in the USA while the other was rediscovered recently in a private collection.

Glasgow Times:

The work was undertaken in collaboration with Murray Grigor, Douglas Weir (from the BFi, the National Library of Scotland, the University of California and R3Store Studios.

Named after the iconic banana shoes the Big Yin famously wore in his 70s shows, the film features hilarious stand-up material, songs and behind-the-scenes shots of him on the road with his crew.

Fans now have the chance to see it on the big screen as it will be shown in selected cinemas from May 10.

A DVD and Blu-Ray release is scheduled for May 20. 

All of this comes after the film's sold-out premiere screenings at the Glasgow Film Festival on Sunday, March 3 and Monday, March 4.

BIG BANANA FEET reaffirms the genius that has endeared Connolly to millions for many generations and made him one of Scotland’s most famous people in history; it’s a must-see, must-own record for all fans.