Barrowland Ballet is set to debut their new production Chunky Jewellery at Tramway in Glasgow.

The performance, which focuses on two friends, one year, two births, a death and a piece of chunky jewellery, is co-created by Natasha Gilmore, the company's artistic director, artist Jude Williams and Ben Duke from Lost Dog.

Performances will be held on March 9 at 2pm and 7.30pm.

Using words, dance and song as an alternative love story, Chunky Jewellery is a personal and autobiographical piece that celebrates friendship, motherhood and womanhood.

Ms Gilmore said: "Friendship is at the heart of Chunky Jewellery, like an alternative love story.

"It focuses on the stories of women in the middle of their lives, taking our personal experiences, and making it universal.

"The title captures the humour of the work and of our laughter filled relationship. The jewellery women wear and are gifted over their lifetimes tell a story.

"Using dance, song and words we invite audiences into our lives; centring humour to act as a balm when things are tough."

The production premieres during International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.

A creative team collaborated on this piece, with contributions from Davey Anderson as composer, Mr Williams for original songs, Elle Taylor as lighting designer, Shizuka Hariu as set designer, and Vicki Manderson as associate director.

Mr Williams said: "Chunky Jewellery started as an mirthful anecdote about a piece of jewellery that Natasha was given for her birthday. We started riffing on the title and the possibilities of unfolding our lives into art.

"I mean, what else will you do with life's challenges as an artist, but try to bring it into the light? Our lives authored Chunky Jewellery.

"The work is intimate, entwined and autobiographical, with stories that overlap birth, grief and death.

"It explores the sustained thread of friendship, during achingly, wild and beautiful heartbreaking times."

The show is presented in partnership with Tramway with support from Creative Scotland and The Work Room.

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