Glasgow taxi drivers have just launched a new podcast. 

Talking Taxis, hosted by Glasgow Taxis Ltd, is looking to discuss the big issues facing the trade and the many stories and characters within it.

The podcast will run for an initial first season of six episodes, covering topics such as recruitment, cash versus card, overcharging and the annual children’s trip to Troon.

In the first episode, which is now live, drivers David Farrell, John Lundie and Dougie McPherson, who is also chairman of Glasgow Taxis Ltd, give their honest perspectives on the LEZ, the process behind it and what lies ahead. 

Dougie said: “Talking Taxis has been introduced at a time when the taxi trade in Glasgow is facing challenges unlike ever before. Drivers, and the trade in general, can often feel their voices aren’t heard so we took it upon ourselves to find a new way to get our message out there and, when it comes to the important issues, to make sure we don’t miss.

“The pandemic, a cost-of-living crisis and wider economic pressures would have been plenty to deal with at any given time, but throw into the mix the LEZ requirements and deadlines and it’s the most imperfect storm that just won’t go away. That’s why we made LEZ the topic for our first episode – and we hope the city is listening.

“Glasgow Taxi drivers have never been short of opinions. We all also have a genuine love for the city we operate in, the drivers I know care deeply for Glasgow and want the best for it. We hope that comes across in Talking Taxis and we hope our voices can be added to the conversations required to help Glasgow punch above its weight again and soon.”

Talking Taxis episode 1 is available to listen to HERE