North Glasgow residents are upset after trees were planted "in the middle of a play area".

Representatives of Ruchill Community Council raised their concerns after the plants were placed in Ruchill Park, along Bilsland Drive, a few weeks ago.

According to them, this stopped locals, especially children, from using the space.

A spokesperson said: “This is where the kids come because they cannot play anywhere else.

“People also used to come here to the green, put blankets down and have picnics.

“These cherry trees should not have been put in between these older ones.

“Now, I count eight trees in this space.

“We love cherry trees, they are beautiful when they bloom but look at them, this is where the boys play football.

“What worries me the most is when they go into full bloom, the wains are not going to be able to walk up this road, they use this path to go to school.”

The placement, they said, was not agreed by locals.

Glasgow Times: Newly planted trees in Ruchill Park, GlasgowNewly planted trees in Ruchill Park, Glasgow (Image: Gordon Terris, Newsquest)

Glasgow Times:

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A third member added: “I have nothing against the trees but they could have put them elsewhere.

“I know that they had to cut down other trees due to disease so why not take these new ones back a wee bit?”

The group also claimed the North Glasgow greenery is neglected and underfunded.

The council, however, disputed these claims and said £12,000 was spent to upgrade the park gates recently and daffodil bulbs were planted.

A Ruchill Community Council representative said: “They never even trim the existing trees or anything.

“They never do anything in the park but now they must have spent a lot of money on this.

“They never spend a penny on the park. Why not resurface the pavement and fix it?

“We don’t even have a toilet.

“But we have plenty of trees, we didn’t need any more.“

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times:

A council spokesperson said: “Funding for tree planting in Ruchill Park was approved by the Canal Area Partnership in September last year.

“The plan will provide replacements for ash trees affected by ash dieback disease and also an avenue of cherry trees.

“Our approach is to avoid planting on level areas that could be used for sport and the sloped areas around the edge of Ruchill Park were earmarked for planting.

“We consult with local groups and representatives on possible locations for tree planting wherever possible and the local partnership had input on where the two lines of cherry trees were planted.

Ruchill Community Council attended a meeting of the Canal Area Partnership in November when the tree planting plan for Ruchill Park was discussed

“There is a range of facilities within the park including a multi-use games court and new gym equipment has recently been installed.

“Almost £136,000 has been allocated to Ruchill Park for play park refurbishment through the Scottish Government’s Play Area Renewal Fund and we will take this work forward as soon as we can.”