A Glasgow bus driver has been hailed as a hero for dealing with a 'young team' who tried to invade the service.

The First 75 service was travelling through the city on Friday evening when it is claimed a gang of youths attempted to get on.

A 'frightened' passenger revealed that the driver 'stayed so calm' in the situation and dealt with the gang while getting everyone home safely.

In a post on the city community group no1seems2care, the passenger said: "The usual young team tried to board the bus at Saracen Street. This driver was brilliant.

"She dealt with them brilliantly. She stayed so calm even though they were testing her patience. Parents need to sort these kids out.

"Passengers are frightened of these gangs, my heart stops every time I get to the Sea Woo. It's the same culprits causing trouble."

The woman's actions were praised by the wider community, one of whom wrote: "She’s a regular driver for the 75, this driver always brightens your day."

Another said: "Well done to the bus driver protecting her passengers and keeping calm about must have been very intimidating with the young ones."

A third added: "Well done driver."

Tony O’Connor, head of operations at First Glasgow, said: “Bus drivers are faced with challenging situations every day and at First Bus we work with them to provide the tools necessary to deliver safe and comfortable journeys across the network.

“Our customers and colleagues are always our top priority, it is therefore heartening to hear the positive feedback directed towards our driver following what was clearly a challenging circumstance.”