Frankie Boyle has weighed in after a Glasgow football pitch was fenced off following planning permission.

As the Glasgow Times reported in December, the Jimmy Johnstone Academy were given the green light to erect a fence around the pitch in Cathkin Park.

Councillors unanimously voted to accept the proposal.

However, residents have been vocal about their anger since the bid was submitted last summer.

They said the park should be available for all to walk their dogs, have picnics and play sports.

Residents also emphasised that the structure would hurt the wildlife.

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Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times: Football pitch in Cathkin ParkFootball pitch in Cathkin Park (Image: Colin Mearns, Newsquest)

Now, comedian Frankie Boyle has joined this group as he shared a post speaking out against the decision on social media.

It read: "Scandalous stuff going on with Cathkin Park: a unique piece of Scottish sporting heritage being stealthily privatised by Glasgow City Council."

The petition he retweeted was started by a local man who claims the council's decision to allow the development "not only infringes upon our right to use this public space but also contravenes the 'right to roam' set out by law".

It gathered more than 800 signatures since last Friday.

Supporters emphasised that the greenspace is a huge asset which is well-used and beloved in the area.

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Glasgow Times: Frankie BoyleFrankie Boyle (Image: Archive)

Glasgow Times:

The appeal continued: "The club that was given permission to erect a fence has already defied planning permission by erecting a different type of fence that has been locked and locals are already being denied permission to access our space."

A spokesperson from the Jimmy Johnstone Football Academy previously said: "It’s important that we fulfil our obligation to look after this piece of world footballing history which we are now the custodians of for generations to come for this great city of Glasgow.

"When we took on the long-term lease, we promised that we would improve the grass football pitch for future generations, which is still our plan.

"To protect the grass football pitch from vandalism by ways of stolen cars, quad bikes, broken bottles and dog fouls, along with unauthorised golfing on the pitch.

"We do not wish for anyone not to have access to the actual park and never will."